Passionate, sporty and dynamic, our staff work hard every day to provide a combination of treatments, comfort and wellbeing for our customers' feet.


We are a company on a human scale, delivering our commitments through our professional approach and by pooling the expertise of our staff in their different fields. From research and development to training to marketing, we are totally dedicated to providing the very best in comfort and performance for our customers' feet.



"SIDAS is exactly the same age as the average age of its staff.


At just over 30, we have the experience and know-how to help our customers and adapt to their needs. And being service-oriented is about striving to ensure not only that our customers are completely satisfied but that their customers or patients are completely satisfied too.


But at 30 we are still young enough to be both dynamic and passionate every day about what we do. Every day, our teams demonstrate curiosity and the desire to constantly improve our foot products and solutions.


In both the sports and the medical sectors, our team works hard to provide innovative and perfectly tailored solutions for as many people as possible. For the last 30 years and going forward too."

Jean Pierre Delangle, Chairman




•Jean-Pierre Delangle
•Thierry Ravillion
•François Duvillard


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