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Move safely and visibly at night or early in the morning with the SIDAS Shoe Clip. The clip easily adapts to any type of shoes.
Sold as a pair.

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Product benefits

The perfect accessory to move around safely at night or very early in the morning. The clips are easily attached to the back of your shoes for maximum visibility.


    • Enjoy a battery life of almost 70 hours. Once the batteries are empty you can recharge the clips easily with the USB cable provided.

    • 2 light modes: a constant light function and a flashing function.

    • Lightweight and water resistant
        • Colour: yellow LED

        shoe clip running 

        HOW TO USE

        • Spread the clip slightly and secure it around the heel of the shoe.
        • Press the ON-OFF button twice to turn the light on. Press twice to make the light flash and press 3 times to turn the light off.
        • Plug in the USB charging cable. The light will be red when charging and will turn green when the battery is charged. Charging time: 1-2 hours.
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