3 reasons to wear gel insoles at the beginning of the new school/work year

3 bonnes raisons de porter des semelles en gel pour la rentrée

Back to school/work is the end of the holidays for you but also for your feet. A pleasant return, often nostalgic, to a daily routine organised around your work and your leisure activities. Back to school, this is the moment when your feet leave sandals, flip flops and sneakers to find the confinement of your moccasins, ballerina shoes or other sneakers.

The new school year is also a great opportunity to make good resolutions: do more sport, use your car less... In the autumn, you move, are on your feet, you run. Your feet are then very solicited. So much so that pain can appear.

Here are 3 reasons why slipping GEL insoles in your everyday shoes allows you to start off the new school year on the right foot, with comfort and cushioning.



Did you enjoy the holidays? Your feet too! Indeed, your toes have also enjoyed living outdoors during this summer, making your sandals, flip flops or sneakers their best friends. The resumption, however, whistles the end of playtime and the reunion with confinement of your work shoes. Margaux Denantes, product manager at Sidas, observes: "After strutting about all summer, your feet are locked again, cramped. They do not want to come in and make you know it! Who has never been a victim of blisters, warming or pain when it comes to taking one’s first steps in September in heels, ballerina shoes, moccasins or even safety shoes?

The common point between all these shoes: they are mostly rigid, cramped and very uncomfortable to wear. Especially for eight hours in a row. Our GEL insoles, by their fineness, their very anatomical shape and the stability they offer to the heel, are thus intended to meet all these constraints to which your foot is subjected, bringing comfort and cushioning throughout your working day.

Our range is also extensive enough for you to find your happiness based on your job and your morphology.

In confined shoes, SIDAS insoles respond with COMFORT!


support en gel sous les métatarses

Gel support under metatarsals



support en gel sous les talons

Gel support under the heel


Daily life is an aggregate of multiple small tasks that we realize in a rather mechanical way, without necessarily realising the number of steps that one carries out to accomplish them. Shopping or taking public transportation involves travelling in addition to what you do at work. Because few are the workers who stay all day sitting at a desk. In the autumn, you will be on your feet more than ever! Especially since the temperatures are still mild and conducive to walking.

Marie Maligorne, head of the SIDAS podiatry centre, explains: “Our gel insoles are equipped with Dynamic Cushioning Gel Concept technology, a fine network of gel microbubbles, very pleasant to the touch and strategically distributed according to the most used zones of your foot.” The gel sole is gradually deformed under the impact of your foot to provide optimal cushioning, especially in areas of natural pressure when walking, under the heel and metatarsals.

Since you’re on your feet more than ever, our gel insoles provide real CUSHIONING!



On holiday, carelessness is often the order of the day. The watchword? Relax, avoid stress and recharge the batteries as well as possible. So that in September, the time of decompression is frequently followed by that of good resolutions. Armed with a foolproof motivation, you are fed up with lounging. Going back to school/work marks the return to weekly jogging, a triumphant comeback to the gym or a determined enrollment to these demanding crossfit courses.

This reunion with sports can sometimes be so abrupt that the first pains appear very quickly. To multiply your chances of seeing the enthusiastic momentum that keeps you alive, equipping yourself with insoles then becomes necessary, if not fundamental. Marie Maligorne confirms: “We are still seeing an upsurge in injuries at the beginning of October. They occur on average 3 weeks to 1 month after going back to work, because the person was not progressive enough in getting back or was poorly equipped.” Margaux Denantes agrees: “The ideal way to prevent all risks related to the start of the school/work year, sports or not, is to have two pairs of complementary insoles: one dedicated to everyday life and the other to your sports activity.”

This advice is all the more relevant because these resolutions do not only generally affect your sports attendance. In the autumn, we often promise to keep a greener lifestyle by walking to replace driving. The gel insoles are then present to continue these good intentions over time, with their comfort, their cushioning, but also their durability. Washable and antibacterial, our gel insoles have a shape memory that makes them almost indestructible.

Our gel soles are RESISTANT & DURABLE, just like your good resolutions!

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