5 tips on preparing your boots for ski season

As the ski season approaches, you're in the starting blocks and ready to hit the slopes, but is your equipment just as good ?

Your pair of ski boots is the most important element of your equipment. Make sure it is in perfect condition before the start of the season. Following these steps will guarantee you a ride in better conditions, with more comfort and performance.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to prepare your ski boots for the upcoming season.


1. What is the general condition of my ski boots?

First of all, check the general and external condition of the boot : buckles and wear pads.

Make a visual inspection: check if the ends of the shoe (toe and heel lip) are not worn too much. The way your shoe fits into the binding could be impacted.

By the way, it is equally important to ensure that the bindings are properly adjusted. A defective or improperly adjusted ski binding can cause serious injury.

Check these particular parts, not forgetting the part of the heel

2. Are there areas of discomfort or pressure points in my shoes?

It may have been a few months or even a year since you didn’t wear your ski boots. Your feet are no longer used to it. How to be certain they will be enjoying the ride ?

Don’t get surprised by the discomfort or the cold. Try your shoes at home several times to re-adjust the foot: for half an hour in flexion and sitting.

If you feel pain or if you have any doubt, get in touch with a specialist. He can advise you so that your boots won’t spoil your first day of skiing.

Find the list of all our specialists : HERE


3. Are my shoes wet?

A pair of well-maintained ski boots is the guarantee of spending a beautiful day on the slopes. It begins and ends with warm, clean and dry feet, socks and shoes.

The simplest method would be to take out your liner and dry it every night near a radiator. Nevertheless, this practice is time consuming and can become tedious and invasive.

Remember these two keywords: clean and dry. If you have moisture problems in your shoes, you can use a shoe dryer. A fast and healthy solution!

The Dry Warmer optimizes the circulation of hot air in your shoes and speeds up the drying time. Equipped with ultraviolet lamps, it has a sanitizing antibacterial action.

It is ideal for small spaces and for fast and healthy drying. It's the perfect solution when you go skiing everyday or want to dry your boots during a lunch break.

Be careful, don’t dry your equipment behind a window in the sun. UV can cause premature wear of materials.

Drywarmer PRO USB


4. Are my insoles still in good condition?

The insoles wear out over time, the frequency of use and the weight exerted on it. The older they are, the less they support your arch, which can lead to premature fatigue. It is therefore strongly advised to check the condition of your insoles. Are they deformed into waveforms or damaged?

To give you some idea, the life of an insole is 120 days of skiing. But it also depends on your level and the fluidity of your movements.

The advantages of having a sole in good condition are numerous: comfort, distribution of support, control of the heel, support of the arch ... Pretty awesome, right?

If you rent your equipment, don’t hesitate to replace the sockliner with a custom sole adapted to your foot. Test it before using it in action to not be surprised in the middle of your ride !

The Winter 3D insoles are suitable for all winter sports. They will bring you comfort and an ideal support of the foot.

Winter 3D

5. Are my shoes healthy?

Check if small critters did not nestle in your boots while you were away. Mice love the foam! If you find that your ski boot is punctured in some places or simply old, renew your liner.

To meet your needs, SIDAS offers you two technologies:

· Thermoformed liner: for more comfort. It is highly recommended for ski touring because it is lighter and more insulating.

· Injected liner with foot mold and PU foam injection: for the most assiduous. This liner is very well suited to downhill skiing. It is for skiers who have never been really comfortable in their boots. You will gain both in comfort and performance.

If you want to ski in the best conditions, take a look at SIDAS ski boots liners, which are adapted to the morphology of your feet, offering a custom comfort.

Find all of our liners HERE


To end the season with style

Once your stay is over, we advise you to follow a small ritual to keep healthy ski boots. Remove the liners from the hull and let them dry, ideally 2 to 3 days. Close the hooks to maintain their shape.

Once your boots have been inspected, place them in a clean, dry shoe bag and store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid places where your boots could be exposed to pests and moisture, such as the attic or garage.


Ski hard. Take care. Have fun !

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