Martin Fourcade, the outstanding biathlon champion


Martin Fourcade is probably one of the greatest sports people of the last ten years. His achievements are breathtaking. A double Olympic champion, world champion and overall champion at the world cup, Martin’s career is quite simply unprecedented. With two gold medals and two silver medals, he left a lasting impression on the biathlon world championships in 2017 by winning no less than 14 victories in one season and by winning the overall ranking of the IBU world cup for the sixth year running.

An exceptional Catalan biathlete

An Oriental Pyrenees native, Martin grew up with his two brothers in an environment combining his two passions, sport and nature. Although his career started in 2006, it wasn’t until February 2010 that the Catalan started to take off. At the Whistler Olympic Park on the West Coast of Canada, then aged 21, Martin won his first silver medal at the Vancouver Olympic Games. This was the beginning of an international career which would quickly propel him to become the world number 1 of biathlon.

Exceptional abilities

It took 50 years for an athlete from the Oriental Pyrenees to win the Olympic gold. Did you know that Martin had a genetic mutation which improved the exploitation of iron by his body since his birth? Besides exceptional physical and technical abilities, the biathlete has mental abilities which make a difference. Believe it or not, but Martin has not always won everything and he used his experiences to progress. Martin combines this capacity to endure with being able to continue enjoying himself despite repeated victories. He has practiced biathlon since he was fifteen with unprecedented success, and nonetheless he still wants to be the best in the next competition. He acknowledges himself that his psychological abilities make all the difference when faced with his opponents. In a sport where one missed shot can cost you a medal, his stress management is fearsome.

An active and authentic sportsman.

Martin keeps nothing back. He dares to say what he thinks, quite simply. On social networks, the biathlete is not afraid to share his political and sporting opinions . His own international federation was not spared either. When it comes to bravery about doping, Martin argues in favour of a “clean sport”.

Despite an outstanding track record, the titles and glory have never kept him away from his roots and family. He is a family man and proud of it.

Some fun facts about Martin

Martin Fourcade is linked to the The High Mountain Military School (EMHM) with the rank of sergeant. He has also been part of the French military ski team since 2008.
Since the 2011/2012 season, he has a blue slope named after him at La Calme à Font-Romeu resort.
In 2013, Martin became the first French man to receive the highest Norwegian award given to nordic skiers, the Holmenkollem medal.
In 2014, he was promoted to the order of Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur, and his name was added to the Petit Robert dictionary.

His successes

Double Olympic Champion Sotchi 2014
Double silver medallist Vancouver 2010/ Sotchi 2014

10 times individual world champion
Four time individual silver medallist
Double individual bronze medallist
9 times team medallist (gold, silver and bronze)

Six times Cristal globe winner (2012 to 2017)
63 individual victories
115 individual podiums

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