Custom Outdoor

Hiking insoles

100% thermoformable insoles designed for outdoor activities. Custom technology requires the intervention of a professional.

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Product benefits

Provide the ultimate in endless comfort during your sporting activities, preventing blisters, inflammation and fatigue.

The Custom technology offers complete customisation of your insoles. With a flat insole, the bootfitter heats the insoles and then moulds them. When it is placed on your footprint, the Custom insoles hugs the shape of your feet for the highest levels of comfort and support.

This is a comfort solution, not a medical orthosis.


  1. AMF top layer: Maximum moisture control and soft-touch feel

  2. Expertene foam: Immediate and infinite comfort

  3. High density PE base: Maximum bending resistance

  4. Podiaflex® and Transflux®: Efficient support suitable for the movement of the foot

  5. Heel pad: Cushioning km after km




Sizes insoles custom outdoor


  • Cut out the sole before use
  • Remove the insole and replace it with the new one.
  • Washing with soap and brush only
  • Do not dry on a radiator, for a better drying use our shoe dryers.

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