Discover our essentials bundle for hiking and trekking trips as well as holidays in the mountains. Protect your feet and enjoy your adventures pain-free. Limited offer!

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    Product description

    Get the hiking bundle at an exceptional price! The bundle includes a pair of Outdoor Gel insoles thanks to which you'll feel the most comfortable you've ever felt in your shoes. The insoles can be used in both hiking boots and everyday footwear. With the Footcare Kit, take good care of your feet — before, during and after the long days of walking. Take good care of your shoes, too, with the Dryer Bag Cedar Wood made with natural cedar wood.

    Bundle contents:

    • Outdoor Gel: Gel insoles with foot arch support to ensure perfect comfort and the best fit during your long walks this summer.
    • Footcare kit: Slip the kit into your rucksack and take it with you everywhere. As soon as you feel pain or heat, put on a plaster (second skin) or a gel toe cap on your feet. You can also prepare your feet for the trip with the anti-chafing cream to prevent blisters, and recover afterwards thanks to the cryo-gel with immediate cooling effect. 
    • Dryer Bag Cedar Wood: Natural footwear dryer made with cedar wood. It will dry your shoes four times quicker than in the open air. Continue your wander the next day in dry shoes.
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