Custom Comfort Merino

Customisable insoles that perfectly fit the shape of your feet for maximum comfort. Their Merino wool will keep your feet nice and warm.
Getting the right fit for customisable insoles must be done by a professional.

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Product benefits

Ideal hybrid top cover : synthetics fibers will guarantee resistance and durability, the merino wool will reduce odor and assure an optimal thermoregulation. This technology requires the intervention of a professional.

Hybrid merino top cover: Thermoregulation & Absorbs odours
Podialène foam 2.5 Mm: Cushioning across the entire insole
Expertene padding: Optimal comfort
Podiafix® reinforcement: Foot stability & control
Transflux® reinforcement: Back foot stability
Transflux®: Comfort & softness

This is a comfort solution, not a medical orthosis.

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