3D Rampage Sky

3D sandals

Looking for style this summer? The 3D Rampage sandals will accompany you in your daily life as well as after a sport activity to optimize your recovery. The specific 4-layer sole construction will give you great comfort. The straps provide optimal support and unbeatable style!

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Product benefits

The comfort of your feet is not to be neglected, both during sports activities and in everyday life. This is why we have developed the 3D Rampage sandals. The Rampage sandals have a unique style, they will accompany you every day this summer to perfect your style or after your sporting activities for an optimal recovery after effort.

The specific sole is constructed in four layers. The first layer is soft underfoot in a 3D shape for arch support, the second layer is cushioned to give you good cushioning, the third layer offers support and durability and the last layer will prevent you from slipping on the ground.

The straps give these sandals style, but above all they offer very good breathability thanks to the Mesh inside them and support for the foot even during active movements. The straps are equipped with Velcro to be able to take them on and off easily.

The 3D shape provides arch support and ideal venous return after exercise.


  1. Straps: foot support
  2. Anatomical 3D shape: support and comfort
  3. Four-layer soles: comfort, cushioning, durability and slip resistance
  4. Velcro: easy fit




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