DryFlow Mini

Shoes & gloves dryer


Dry your shoes completely in a few hours! The ventilation system and UV lamps offer a fast and powerful drying action for all types of shoes. Compact and light: take it anywhere.

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Product benefits

The compact shoe dryer from the Sidas range. Its ventilation system will ventilate and dry your shoes in just a few hours. The shoe dryer has a timer that automatically controls drying time.

The power supply via USB plug adapts to all chargers with a USB port (not supplied).


sèche tous types de chaussures 1- Drying of all types of shoes in only 4 hours

système ventilation 2-  Fast and effective action: ventilation system and UV lamps

timer 3- Control of drying time: timer

dryer compact 4- Easy to store and transport: compact and light

dryer compatible USB 5- Easy universal charging: USB


  • After your sports session or day, take off your shoes.
  • Slip the DryFlow Mini into your shoes.
  • Control the drying time with the timer
  • You can insert them after washing your shoes for faster drying without damaging your shoes.

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