Max Protect Move Support

The multi-sport insoles that absorb 90% of shock energy. The shell will stabilise your feet as you move and the gel pad will cushion your heel. Recommended for Nordic walking and running.

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Product description

The Max Protect Move Support insoles provide fantastic stability and cushioning! The shell stabilises your arch and Podiane®I+ technology absorbs 90% of shock energy as you move.

These insoles are ideal for dynamic sports like Nordic walking and running that don’t involve too much impact or weight transfer. They are also suitable for everyday use.

Technical features

  1. Podiane®I+: Superior shock absorption.
  2. TPU FLEX shell: Supports and stabilises the foot.
  3. Mesh overlay: Breathability and comfort.
  4. Gel pad: Heel cushioning and comfort.


Dimensions semelle Move

How to use

  • Cut out insole before use
  • Remove and replace existing insole
  • Wash with soap and a brush only
  • Do not dry on a radiator: for better results, use our drywarmers

Technical details