Sidas Loyalty & Sponsorship Program

Loyalty programme

How does it work?

At Sidas, we'd like to reward your loyalty, so we've set up a loyalty programme.

For each purchase made on our website (, you'll earn a 10kr reward for every 200kr spent. These rewards are automatically added to your account:

200kr spent = 10kr reward

Once you have earned at least 100kr in rewards (from several orders, for example), you can convert them into a voucher. The voucher earned is then valid for 14 days. Before being converted into a voucher, your rewards are valid indefinitely. This gives you time to update your equipment as necessary and choose when you wish to use your points.

To view your rewards points/convert them into a voucher, go to My account/My rewards account.

Vouchers can be used on purchases of 250kr or more.

Sponsorship programme

Do you love our products? Would you like to share them with your friends and family? You can now refer them. It's a win-win situation! You and your referral will both receive rewards.

How does it work?

  • Set up your Sidas account and place your first order.
  • In your personal space, find the referral tool: Sponsorship program.
  • Refer your friends and family. Personalise the message and send your invitations by email. Enter the surname / first name / email address of your referral and accept the conditions (none of the addresses mentioned will be kept).
  • Send the email and that's it!

What are the rewards?

Refer your friends and receive a 50kr reward for each referral who places an order on our site. Upon registration, your friend will also receive a discount voucher worth 50kr, which can be used immediately (with a minimum purchase of 250kr). 


Where can I find my vouchers?

Loyalty account: You can find your history as well as the vouchers in your account, on the "My rewards accounttab. 
Referral account: You can find your entire referral history (including statistics) in  the "Sponsorship programtab.

When will my loyalty voucher be available?

Your rewards can be converted into a voucher once you have accrued a minimum of 100kr in rewards (via the loyalty programme and/or via the referral programme).

When can I use my vouchers?

You can use them whenever you'd like. To convert your reward balance into a voucher, go to your account under "My rewards account" and convert your rewards. It's up to you to choose the amount you wish to convert. Once the rewards have been converted into a voucher, you'll have 14 days to redeem the voucher on a minimum purchase of 250kr (promo code to be validated in your cart).

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.