3Feet® technology


3Feet® Concept

Feet are different by their shape, movement and their pressure.
They are:
- unique (by morphology)
- complex (your foot has 28 bones, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 27 muscles.)
- sensitive (they are real sensors)
- and they are the basis of our body.

There are three different foot types:
- HIGH - arched feet
- MEDIUM - arched feet
- LOW - arched feet

Each foot type having characteristics and needs different : Support, Arch support, Comfort, Stability...

The 3Feet construction is suitable for three different types of arch.

What is your foot type?

Ask your seller for advice, analysis tools are available in our partner stores.

Stand on the analyser (3Feet® digital corner) and look at your footprint.

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