New collection 2020! Sidas innovates and offers this year an extra fine thermoformable inner boot. An exclusive product 100% thermoformable. The thermoforming of this liner requires the intervention of a professional.

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The finest thermoformable liner.
100% thermoformable, this liner is designed for alpine or cross-country ski boots with a low fitting volume. Designed with the same technology as the CRT, it is distinguished by its finesse and lightness.
The removable flap is thermoformable and can also be replaced by an injectable Sidas flap or a Heat Ready heated flap.

1. Merry mesh lining: comfort, lightness, low thickness
2. Collar joint: high flexibility, follows the rolling out of the foot as you walk
3. 3 lateral EVA thicknesses: Precision and comfort + heel support
4. Thin removable flap: For maximum precision

The thermoforming of this shoe requires the intervention of a professional.