Our Eco Approach


The art of being responsible

Our eco approach

SIDAS works hard to minimise their environmental impact by utilising:
- More eco-friendly packaging (FSC label)
- Responsible procurement (Imprim'Vert-certified printers, FSC paper, recycled paper, etc.)
- An eco-responsible approach to the entire product life cycle. SIDAS' twin objectives of composition and product life cycle optimisation enable us to make constant reductions in environmental impact.

Our objective: TO ACT

Our materials:

we choose recycled or recyclable materials that also improve the biomechanical properties of our products.
- we select our partners carefully, adopting a policy of responsible procurement (Imprim’Vert® and oxo-biodegradable plastics).
- wherever possible we choose natural materials (bamboo and water-based ink) and recycled materials (waste straw, ortholite®, EVA and PORON®).
- our packaging is eco-friendly, using paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests (FSC).

Our production process:

- By 2025, we will have reduced our CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 2019.
- minimum loss from waste: waste sorting is optimised to the greatest possible extent.
- recycling: all our insoles are made with a maximum of recyclable or recycled materials without compromising our high levels of quality and performance.


we favour usage of energy-efficient modes of transport, particularly sea transportation.




Eco-designed head office

The SIDAS head office is sighted in Voiron, near to Grenoble. The premises, sited on the Champfeuillet Est business park are fully-equipped with photo-voltaic panels and designed using eco-friendly materials. The two-storey building provides functional training rooms for our customers and well-lit offices for our staff. By combining good design, ecology and functionality, we are able to offer our staff and customers a place where conducting business is a pleasure.