3D analysis with FeetBox



Become one of the first to test the most accurate scanner in the world!

- Accurate Digital Imaging 360° foot scan
- Precise Analysis ans Measurements
- Footwear recommendations adapted to your foot type and your activites.

Thanks to its pressure platform, the FeetBox® 3D is a revolutionary analysis system. It scans both your feet + ankles up to your knees at the same time with great precision. This extremely accurate analysis records all anatomical data on:
- Foot volumetry
- Foot pressure
- Leg alignement

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Discover a 360° experience!

Once the data has been recorded, the FeetBox® 3D will make extremely accurate recommendations based on the exact shape of your feet.

Thanks to a very large database, you get all the benefits of advice and custom suggestions in terms of your choice of socks, soles and shoes.

A simulation of your foot on screen is created so that you can experience a virtual shoe fitting. This means you can visualise your feet wearing particular socks, trainers, or ski boots depending on what you are looking for and what activities you pursue.

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