3D Lounge RS Germany

3D anatomical flip-flops

The 3D soles of the 3D Lounge RS Germany sandals support and stabilise the foot and guarantee optimum comfort.

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Product benefits

For many years, Sidas has been offering solutions to foot problems in order to make footwear as comfortable as possible.

With this know-how, Sidas has innovated and designed a range of 3D sandals. Their anatomical construction provides maximum support for the arch of the foot to distribute pressure and ensure perfect alignment of the feet and body.

These sandals are designed to give you the full benefits of a sandal with the comfort and craftsmanship of Sidas.

The Lounge RS sandals are made of innovative Sidas materials, such as those used in the manufacture of injected ski boots.

These sandals in German colours are to be worn every day or for recovering after sport.

  • Men's model.
  • Cushioning EVA insole: Comfort
  • MerryMesh strap: Breathability and durability
  • EVA outsole: Lightness and cushioning

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