Caring for the feet of the Matryx® Trail Running Team!

Dans les chaussure de la Team Matryx

Team Matryx® is aiming for the top of the trail. That's good news, so are we! Through the partnership with this young and ambitious team, composed of the most talented trail runners in France, we want to put our expertise at the service of performance. This by providing these athletes with a global foot care solution including a new range of socks and customised insoles perfectly adapted to their practice.

Because, even if we tend to forget, the foot is the runner's fundamental instrument. And even more so at high levels. This is the reason for our partnership with Team Matryx® who, in their quest for the smallest marginal gain, do not want to leave anything to chance. Especially not the comfort of their feet, because that is where the pleasure and performance of trail running comes from.

In this first episode of SIDAS WEB TV, meet the Matryx® Team and discover, through socks and insoles, how they have made foot care a key vector of performance!


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An elite Trail team with big ambitions and "small" details

Team Matryx® is an independent structure created in January 2019 which, like the professional cycling teams, aims to support 10 young athletes towards the highest level in trail running by positioning them at the centre of a global performance ecosystem.

"What is the tool that the athlete uses the most in trail running? What is the tool that they give the least importance to on a daily basis, as opposed to food, sleep or training? The foot! "

With this in mind, Thomas Janichon, co-founder and Team Manager, confides: "The very high level approach is the hunt for the small details that make up the big results, this search for the famous marginal gains, this quest for the tenths of a percentage that will pile up on the day of the race and tip the scenario in our favour. But what is the tool that the athlete uses the most in trail running? What is the tool that he gives the least importance to on a daily basis, as opposed to food, sleep or training? The foot! In this respect, asking for a partnership with Sidas, which has been taking care of the feet of the greatest champions for 45 years, was an obvious choice! "

It was obvious to both of us, because we were so in tune with the team's values. We recognised ourselves in this "responsible performance" approach, which advocates giving oneself every opportunity to perform, but through respect for the well-being of the athlete and his or her playground: nature. This partnership is therefore a bet on the present but also on the future, with a view to growing together. We are accompanying them to the top of the discipline. They are accompanying us in the transition from our expertise in skiing to running, through their precise feedback on the development of our products.

The Matryx® Team in a few figures

A global solution for the care of runners' feet

Often, in running, bad reflexes have been observed: restricting foot comfort to the choice of shoe alone. In reality, feeling good in your trainers is the result of a global solution, an alchemy between shoes, socksinsoles and all the by-products that make the difference. The Matryx® Team already had the former, we will provide them with the rest.

"A very bad reflex: to restrict foot comfort to the choice of the shoe, when in reality socks and insoles are essential!"

The benefits of a global solution adapted to the needs of the athlete are twofold: performance and injury prevention.


Team matryx et Sidas Trail running

  • Comfort. Good socks and an adapted insole are the promise of pain-free feet, with a significant reduction in the risk of blisters. The runner can then focus solely and serenely on his effort, the fluidity of his stride, his pleasure... and that's where performance is born!

"Foot comfort brings pleasure and therefore performance!"

  • Stability. For precise support that limits the risk of sprains on steep paths.
  • Lightness. Because the power-to-weight ratio is important, and the impression of wearing (almost) nothing is pleasant.
  • Breathability. Moisture remains the foot's worst enemy, the environment in which blisters and other discomforts develop.
  • Dynamism. Running is good, but for the Team Matryx® athletes, running fast and for a long time is even better! This is why we have designed this range of insoles that offer a balance between cushioning and energy restitution.


Team Matryx® thinks in the long term and looks to the future with ambition. In this logic, protecting its young athletes from the risk of injury in a particularly traumatic sport is a priority for the founding staff. Offering them a global solution for foot care is a response to this desire.

"Protecting young athletes from the risk of injury in a particularly traumatic sport!"



Our anti-friction cream:

Anthony Felber Team matryx Trail running

"In trail running, each run is different because of the technical paths and uneven terrain. Inevitably, as the kilometres go by, these thousands of micro-frictions can turn into overheating or worse, blisters. To avoid this, before each long run, before each intense training session and of course before each race, I coat my feet, especially the arch of the foot, with anti-friction cream. I have never felt the slightest warming since. A delight when you know how blisters can turn a race into a long Way of the Cross."

Anthony FELBER, Team Matryx® Elites



Our running socks :

Team Matryx exclusively had the chance to test and approve our new range of socks dedicated to running and trail-running.

Lucille Germain Team matryx Trail running


"What particularly impressed me, even before I took my first steps, was the comfort and softness I felt the moment I slipped my feet into these Sidas socks. Even before running, I had adopted them."

Lucille GERMAIN, Team Matryx® Elites

"What I love more than anything else in trail running is the contact with the ground, the feel of the nature that passes under our feet. The sock plays a major role in this respect, as an interface in direct contact with our skin. So, for me, a good sock, a high-performance sock, must be thin, light and very breathable to allow me to feel the ground as best as is possible in order to develop a clean, fluid and efficient stride."

Louis PARENT, Team Matryx® Espoirs

Our insoles :

Team Matryx® has chosen our Sense running insoles, which are light and dynamic, designed to maximise the feel and sensation of the terrain. The Running Protect model focuses on stability and cushioning.

Baptsite Chassagne Team matryx Trail running

Baptiste CHASSAGNE, Team Matryx® Elites

"When I joined the Team and started my high level trail running journey 3 years ago, I suffered an injury due to a rapid increase in training. From then on, I looked for adapted solutions to show more indulgence towards my body and more meticulousness towards these feet put to the test every day. I replaced the classic insoles with SIDAS insoles. It would be a lie to say that I was cured overnight! However, as soon as I started running with them, I felt that I was reversing the trend and that I could train again with confidence and move towards total remission."

"At the highest level, everyone has the same shoes. To give yourself an extra chance to succeed, you look for the little details that make you different from the others. The Sidas running insole is clearly one of them. But don't say that too loudly (smile)! "

Simon GOSSELIN, Performance Manager and co-founder


Our Gel Cryo :

Simon Paccard Team matryx Trail running

"I'm a huge fan of Cryo Gel, which I take with me wherever my trainers take me. I apply it after the shower, with a self-massage from my toes to my ankles. What I appreciate is both the freshness felt by my feet that have heated up a lot during the session and the relaxation and muscular relaxation that it generates in the arch of the foot."

Simon PACCARD, Team Matryx® Espoirs



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