Offer your heel more cushioning and comfort! The Heel Hug exerts lateral compression on the heel, renewing its natural cushioning properties.

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Product benefits


You can use it as you see fit: before, during or after exercise, for a minimum of one hour. Pack is composed of the 3 different sizes. This product offers improved comfort; it is not a medical orthosis. Choose your preferred compression from Heel Hug's three options.




    1. The drawings of the small diamonds must be on the inside of the Heel Hug; this is the part that will be in contact with skin.

    2. Identify the end where you can see the small lines. This end will be placed at the ankle and therefore indicates the direction in which to slip on the product.

    3. Place two fingers at each end and stretch the Heel Hug

    4. You can now slip the Heel Hug around your ankle. To benefit from its compression effects without feeling too restricted, it is important to carefully adjust the Heel Hug's position; it should not be too high.

    5. Once you have slipped on the first Heel Hug, take a few steps and you can immediately feel its effect.
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