Heated insoles + batteries pack

Flat heated insole pack and PRO batteries providing up to 8 hours of heat. The flat insoles are ideal for low volume shoes. Activities in the cold will no longer be a hindrance thanks to the heated insoles!

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Product description

The Sidas heated Winter H Flat insoles are very thin insoles that can be easily adapted to low-volume footwear. The heating element under the forefoot will keep your feet warm with a soft and pleasant warmth.

Thanks to the PRO batteries you can enjoy up to 8 hours of warmth, enough to fully enjoy your activity in the cold!

Instructions for use:

  • Remove the existing insole from your shoes.
  • Cut the insole to size
  • Place the insole in your shoes
  • The power cord should run up the length of your leg to the outside of your shoes.
  • Connect the end of the cord to the PRO battery

Battery maintenance:

  • Store batteries in a cool place (5°C/41°F to 20°C/68°F).
  • Discharge or charge the batteries to 50% of their capacity before storing them.
  • Once every 6 months, discharge the batteries and recharge them to 50% of their capacity.
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