Heated ski socks

Ski Race S.E.T® thin, heated ski socks designed for athletes in extreme conditions. These socks feature Smart.Elastic.® technology, and offer exceptional insulation and moisture management.

Sold without batteries.

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Product benefits

The thin, heated Ski Race S.E.T® socks are specially designed for ski athletes in extreme conditions. Thanks to Smart.Elastic.® technology, their thin construction guarantees a perfect fit in your boots, thus offering optimal comfort and precise feel. The thin 2 mm S.E.T® heating line integrates discreetly into the sock to diffuse subtle warmth all around the toes without compromising the fit. The polyamide fibres provide an excellent fit and foot support during exercise.

These socks offer exceptional insulation and efficient moisture management. Three key factors ensure the precision of these ski socks: 200-needle knitting provides a high-definition construction with no cut threads, strong but inclusive tension offers a perfect fit around the feet and legs, and a thinness that improves contact with the ski boot. As well as providing comforting warmth, these socks offer outstanding performance for passionate skiers.

Sold without batteries. Up to 9 hours of heating thanks to the S-Pack 1400B (Bluetooth) batteries for heated sock. Battery life depends on the heating level selected:

  • Level 1 autonomy: up to 9 hours
  • Level 2 autonomy: up to 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Level 3 autonomy: up to 3 hours 30 minutes

Key advantages

  1. Thin, heated socks designed for athletes in extreme conditions.
  2. Smart.Elastic.® technology for optimum heating without compromising comfort.
  3. Polyamide fibres for an excellent fit and foot support during exercise.
  4. Exceptional insulation and moisture management.
  5. High-definition construction with 200-needle knitting for optimal skiing precision.


  • Polyamide: 95%
  • Elasthane: 5%


  • Remove the batteries after each use and before washing the socks.
  • Store your socks flat, away from light, heat and moisture.
  • Recharge your batteries at least every 6 months.
  • Turn socks inside out before washing.
  • Wash socks by hand or in the washing machine (in a washing net) at 30° maximum.
  • Choose a slow spin: 400 rpm maximum.
  • Never tumble dry or dry on a heat source. Dry flat instead.
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener

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