3Feet® Trail HIGH

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Sidas 3Feet® Trail trail running insoles feature Sidas Grip technology for optimal control on varied terrains. They offer precise arch support, reducing muscle fatigue. Lightweight and versatile, they are suitable for hiking and trail running shoes, combining adherence, support and lightness.

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Product benefits

Sidas 3Feet® Trail High trail running insoles, featuring Sidas Grip technology, are designed to offer optimal control on rough terrain. Thanks to their progrip undersole, maximising adherence to the shoe, and EVA foam preventing slippage between the sole and the sock, these insoles ensure exceptional control during simple hikes or more technical trail running excursions.

These insoles also offer support tailored to the arch of the foot, reducing muscle fatigue. The meticulous choice of materials aims to achieve a lightweight (39 g) and durable sole, with microperforations at the front to wick away moisture and minimise the risk of blisters.

3Feet® Trail High are versatile, suitable for both low-top hiking shoes and trail running shoes, offering a perfect balance between grip, arch support and lightness. Grip technology ensures enhanced control, while the EVA reinforcement provides foot support for guaranteed stability and comfort. The design focused on lightness and breathability, with ultra-thin, lightweight and microperforated high-quality foams, offers an optimal wearing experience.


  • Sidas Grip Technology: For enhanced control over rough terrain.
  • Arch support: Suitable for "sagging" feet, these insoles offer targeted arch support.
  • Lightness and durability: At 39 g, these insoles combine lightness and robustness, ensuring optimum durability.
  • Microperforations: Microperforations at the front facilitate moisture wicking, minimising the risk of blisters.
  • Versatility: Ideal for low-top hiking shoes or trail running shoes.


  • Trim the insole to size before use
  • Remove the insole and replace it with the new one
  • Wash with soap and a brush only
  • Do not dry on a radiator, for best results use our shoe dryers


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