3D Rampage Sand

3D sandals

Looking for a personal touch for summer? The 3D Rampage sandals will help you recover in everyday life or after sports. The four-layer soles provide maximum comfort.  Your feet will be optimally supported thanks to the unique and stylish straps!

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Product benefits

The comfort of your feet is not to be taken lightly, whether it is during a sporting activity or in your daily life. That's why we designed the 3D Rampage sandals. Their design is unique; they will be part of your daily life for the summer period and will not fail to answer your search for elegance. They will also bring you comfort after the effort.

The sole is characterised by the presence of four layers. The softness of the first layer with its 3D shape contributes to the support of the arch of the foot, the softness of the second layer provides good cushioning. The third layer provides good support and durability. Finally, the last layer has an anti-slip effect.

If the particularity of these sandals comes from their straps, you will appreciate them all the more for their interior composition in mesh, a highly breathable material, and for the support of the foot, particularly during active strides. The Velcro fastening makes it easy to open and close the sandals.

The 3D shape provides arch support and ideal blood circulation after exercise.


  1. Straps: foot support
  2. Anatomical 3D shape: support and comfort
  3. Four-layer soles: comfort, cushioning, durability and slip resistance
  4. Velcro: easy fit


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