3D Crossfit Khaki

3D sandals

The first Sidas sandals that combine style and comfort! The 3D Cross Fit sandals offer exceptional comfort thanks to the four different soles! Slip the sandals on and they will easily adapt to all types of feet and provide excellent shock absorption. The ideal sandals for recovering from sports activities or simply for everyday life!

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Product benefits

The 3D Cross Fit sandals offer you well-being for your feet! The sandals can be used for everyday life or for recovery after sports activities. The sandals have a unique construction of four different soles. The first insole is pleasant and soft under your foot, the second insole offers ideal cushioning, the third insole is present for durability and the last one, which is the outsole, will give you a good grip.

The Z-shaped straps of the sandals will hold your foot firmly without compressing your instep too much during active moments. The sandals are made of Velcro so that they can be put on and taken off very easily. The mesh underneath the straps is breathable, so you won't sweat even in hot weather and you won't get burns or blisters even with bare feet!

The 3D shape of the sandal will provide real support for the arch of the foot. It offers an ideal venous return for recovery after exercise. Your feet will be less tired!

Manufactured in Indonesia


  1. Straps: support and breathability
  2. 3D shape: comfort and venous return
  3. Quad-construction sole: cushioning and comfort
  4. Velcro: easy to put on 



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