3D Slide Zebra

Recovery slide

After a good run or sports session, what could be better than recovery? The 3D Slide Zebra are recovery flip-flops. The 3D shape of the sole will support the foot and the arch of the foot as well as improve blood flow.
Comfort and recovery guaranteed.

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Product benefits

Optimise the recovery of your feet after a good sports session! Your feet are essential in your sports practice, it is necessary to take care of them and optimize the recovery to enhance your performance.

The 3D Slide Zebra flip-flops are recovery flip-flops after exercise. Whether it's after your run, hike, or ski session, leave your shoes behind for the recovery flip-flops.

The specific 3D shape of the flip-flop will offer a better comfort for your feet and foot arch. Benefit from a better blood flow to recover from your effort.

The Zebra design will give you a perfect style after your sports session! For optimal style, opt for a socks with sandals look!

Technical characteristics:

  • 3D sole: comfort and recovery
  • Midsole: cushioning
  • Arch support: foot support and blood flow rebound
  • Weight: 240g / shoe

For an optimal recovery, we advise you to apply Cryo cream with its cooling effect whilst wearing the flip-flops

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