4 tips on preparing your feet before a marathon


You made your mind up several months ago: you’re going to run a marathon! Whether it's your first time or you're an experienced runner, here are a few tips on taking care of what’s most important during a race: your feet!

1) Take care of your feet with an anti friction cream

The marathon’s getting closer and you’re feeling the pressure? It would be such a shame not to be at your best because of foot pain! You’re going to run more than 26 miles and the excessive strain and stress on certain parts of your feet may cause friction, irritation and blisters. But don’t panic -— we’ve got the solution to prevent these problems. Anti friction creams protect the skin against irritating rubbing and prevent the appearance of blisters. Start well in advance and spend some time taking care of your feet. For 10 to 15 days before the start of the race, apply a small amount of anti-chafing cream to your feet every day. You know your feet best, so massage the cream into the most sensitive areas. This will help to prevent and soothe any redness.

2) Toughen up your feet for 3 weeks before the race

This process aims to harden the plantar fat pad, beginning 3 weeks before the race. Two simple steps, which take a few minutes every day, will ensure that your feet are in optimal condition during your marathon. Firstly, apply a product which contains acids to toughen up the skin. There are lots of products developed by sports brands and pharmaceutical companies. Some runners just use half a lemon! Whatever you choose, the process is the same: every morning, apply or spray the product on your feet’s most sensitive areas. The second step is essential when it comes to completing your preparation because products with acids dry out your skin. So every evening, you need to moisturise your feet with an anti friction cream or moisturising cream.

3) Prepare your feet before the marathon by wearing suitable insoles

It's not enough to wear the latest running shoes to protect your feet from injury! Insoles help with the alignment and stability of your feet, in addition to running shoes. They provide maximum comfort during your training and during races like the marathon. Made of lightweight and breathable materials, they absorb shocks and prevent injuries. Good heel cushioning can be greatly improved with a gel pad, for example.

4) Wear technical socks and shoes which you’ve already used and are designed for running

During the race, your feet are going to sweat, heat up and swell. That’s inevitable when you’re running a marathon! A pair of technical socks which are suited to your feet will help to regulate and wick away perspiration. They help to reduce friction and pressure which can cause blisters. Shoes which are designed for the shape of your feet and your gait will be more comfortable to run in, while also reducing impact and preventing injuries when running.
Reminder: It’s important that you don’t change any of your kit the day before a marathon. A new pair of shoes or socks may change or create new pressure points which can quickly become painful or even develop into blisters.

Your feet are now ready for a marathon… all you have to do is run!

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