Shedding light on blisters when running !

Solving blister when running 

Put an end to blisters when running! Shedding light on a real grey area, even though we at Sidas are more foot experts than electricians. Indeed, if all runners have already been victims of blisters, few know how to treat them, or better, avoid them! Often taken lightly, it is not uncommon for chafing to degenerate and prevent us from achieving our goal, whether it is to perform or simply to enjoy ourselves.

In this article, you will find three simple and effective protocols that we have established with our elite athletes - Hassan Chahdi, Thibaut Baronian, Baptiste Cartieaux and Team Matryx - to prevent blisters before a race and to learn how to manage and treat them quickly once they have appeared, during and after the race.


To avoid blisters, it is first necessary to shed light on their causes. 

Moisture: This can be caused by several factors: perspiration during exercise; rainy weather conditions; or wet and slushy terrain, especially during trail running.

Chafing: This can be caused by folds in the sock, poor stitching in the shoe or a very repetitive movement, for a long time and with intensity.

  Good to know  It is important to note that not everyone is equal when it comes to blister problems. By nature, some people are born with more sensitive skin than others. Also, with experience and mileage.


Often taken lightly, it is not uncommon for blisters to degenerate...

Into abandonment. Because it is no longer possible to run without pain.

Infection. Because torn, raw skin is an open door to all the bacteria and other germs that swarm in your shoes.

- In injury. Because in order to limit friction, you will adapt your stride and thus compensate for your natural movement by putting unusual strain on your knees, ankles, etc.


By combining the advice of our podiatrists, experts in foot care, and the little secrets of our elite athletes, we have established two protocols for monitoring blisters:

- one protocol to learn how to prevent them before the race,

- and another protocol to learn how to manage them during the race.

You can download the document detailing these simple and effective protocols here! They will be a tremendous help to you in achieving your marathon, trail, Iron Man triathlon, UTMB or even Diagonale des Fous goals...

Nos protocoles  


A/ En amont de la course

 La pédicure  1/ Pedicurethree weeks before the start

 Le tannage  2/ Tanningtwo weeks before D-day.

Choose the good shoes  La bonne chaussette La bonne chaussette  3/ Choose the right equipment : shoes, socks and insoles that will reduce the number of blisters.


B/ The « D-DAY »

 Bannir le neuf  1/ Banish the new! A golden rule.

La crème anti-frottement  2/ Generously apply anti-chafing cream

Eviter les plis de chaussettes   3/ Avoid sock creases. A banal but formidable tip.

Prévenir mais pas trop  4/ Prevent, but not too much either. The right balance.

Don't cover your feet with multiple hydro-colloid dressings from the start, to prevent possible rubbing.

Soigner le laçage  5/ Take meticulous care of your lacing.


S'arrêter 2 minutes  1/ Stop for two minutes, then start again. Rather than never finishing.

“It's better to lose a few minutes to treatment than to give up two hours later!”

Réagir dès les premiers frottements  2/ React immediately to the first signs of rubbing.

Apply a Silitene protection for this purpose or our Toe Cap Gels

Faire confiance aux experts   3/ Let the experts do their job.

On a race, self-medication is the quickest way to go if you want to head straight for the exit.

Ne jamais percer une ampoule  4/ Never pierce a blister alone.

Otherwise, you run the risk of aggravating it or even causing it to become infected.

Faire des arrêts   5/ Manage your refuelling as if it were a pit stop.

This means that changing your socks and shoes will do your feet and head a world of good!


Once you've crossed the finish line, here are our tips for recovering your feet as quickly as possible!

Apprendre de ses erreurs   1/ Learn from your mistakes. And apply protocol 1 to never experience such discomfort again. 

Faire un bain de pied glacé   2/ Put your feet in an ice bath. A blister is an inflammation, so confronting it with cold will help reduce it. 

Faire désinfecter par un professionnel  3/ Disinfect.

Laisser les pieds respirer   4/ Let your feet breathe. Opt for our recovery flip-flops.

Récompenser ses pieds   5/ Reward your feet! To take care of them, we suggest Cryo Gel to moisturise them and the Blackroll to massage them.


Find the advice and anecdotes of our athletes: Thibaut BaronianElise Poncet (member of Team Matryx), Hassan ChahdiBaptiste Cartieaux in the complete guide. You will finally be able to get rid of blisters and enjoy your races to the fullest.

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