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As specialists in foot comfort for nearly 50 years, we work every day to develop innovative, reliable and high-performance products that allow all sportsmen and women, whether high-level athletes or simple enthusiasts, to fullfil their potential, without foot pain, thinking only of the enjoyment of the moment. Whether hiking, walking, skiing, running or trail running, we design comfort solutions to resolve all pains and foot problems: toe protectors, ankle protectors, nail protectors, shin protectors, blister protectors, anti-friction cream and more.

Check out the guide to all these protections that will revolutionise the way you play sport. Because yes, today is the day you say goodbye to those aches and pains - blisters, chafing and other black nails - that keep you from enjoying life to the full!


Toe pain is one of the most common issues that comes up when we ask athletes who trust us about "why" they have "foot pain". It can be black nails that are very painful from striking against the shoe, with every step in hiking, every stride in running or every turn in skiing. It can also be blisters between the individual toes.

We have therefore developed two types of toe protection:

- The Toe Cap, a toe protector in the form of a silicone cap, which helps to dampen the impact of the foot against the shoe and thus prevent black toenails. They work perfectly as prevention but also as relief for an already painful nail. Washable and reusable, this silicone toe protector is intended to be very light, very thin and therefore unnoticeable in the shoe. So much so that you forget it's there, as well as the pain.

Gel Toe Cap

- The Toe Wrap, a toe protector in the form of a tube, intended as protection against blisters. Based on the same principle as the cap, this toe protector in the form of a tube helps prevent friction between the toes, which are sometimes very close together, either in a ski boot, walking boot or trail shoe.

Gel Toe Wrap


Hiking boots, ski boots and even safety boots are known to be very uncomfortable. In particular, they exert strong pressure on the malleoli, both on the inside and outside. That's why we developed the Ankle Protector, a specific malleolus protector made of silicone gel, which is very light, moisturizing, particularly thin and therefore imperceptible.

This ankle protector is reusable and will help prevent foot pain on your next walk, hike, trail or ski day.

Ankle Protector


Wearing a ski boot for an entire day can sometimes prove to be torture, especially when it applies pressure, which quickly turns into pain, on your shin. In order to provide you with maximum comfort on every slope and thus avoid wincing at every turn, we have designed the Shin Protector, this dedicated ski shin protector, to be placed underneath socks, in contact with the skin.

Supplied in packs of 2, these shin guards have revolutionized the way our athletes compete by being thin and staying securely in the ski boot, making them imperceptible and very comfortable to wear.

Shin Protector


In the department of common running pains, there is a battle between black nails and blisters. To complement the effect of our toe protector, we have been working on a very effective and comfortable blister protection. Unlike the classic hydrocolloid dressing which often worsens the blister more than it heals it, this incredibly thin, light and therefore imperceptible silicone gel blister protector can be used at the first signs of friction to curb the growth of the blister, relieve the pain and thus allow you to continue running.

We recommend that all sportsmen and women who take part in a sport where the feet are put to the test - running, trail running, ultra-trail running, skiing, walking, hiking - take a few of these dressings with them, just in case, as prevention, and make use of them, as soon as they start warming up.

To address all foot pain with our comfort solutions, we offer runners, hikers and other skiers two types of blister protection:

- The Toe Protector, a protection against blisters for toes.

Toe Protector

- The Foot Protector, a blister protection for heels.

Foor Protector


While this blister protection is intended to protect those toes or heels that rub against your trail trainer or ski boot, we've also designed a comfort solution for use in advance, before the pain even starts.

In fact, our anti-friction cream prepares your foot's skin with a protective effect that increases its elasticity, tonicity as well as its defence capabilities against shocks and moisture. In short, our anti-friction cream nurtures the skin of your foot: it moisturises it as well as strengthens it.

Notable feature: unlike the vast majority of similar products on the market, our anti-friction cream is distinguished by its 99% natural ingredients.

Crème anti-frottement


The use of our anti-friction cream ahead of your running workout, or day skiing or walking is highly complimentary to the use, later on, of our Cryo effect recovery gel. Through its immediate cold effect, this recovery gel optimises blood circulation after sport to relieve any foot pain while favouring muscle relaxation.

Cryo Gel

Nail protectors, shin protectors, ankle protectors, blister protectors, anti-friction cream... here you have the guide to the main protections which have been developed to prevent foot pain and injuries whilst you are practising sport.

Below you will find other, even more specific foot protectors.


The Gel Plantar Protectors, a washable and reusable plantar protector that slips on like a sleeve to avoid overheating, chafing, blisters, and other underfoot pain while hiking.

Gel Plantar Protectors

The Gel Arch Supports, a gel support that fits under the arch of your foot to support it throughout your day of sport or work. This protection is an imperceptible, yet powerful comfort solution for everyday life.

Gel Arch Supports


The heel is a particularly sensitive area of the foot, often subject to many problems and pains.

So here are the 4 heel guards designed to ease your heel.


To give your heel comfort and cushioning, check out the Heel Hug.

Heel Hug


The Gel Heel Strips, non-slip inserts to keep your feet secure in the shoe and prevent those slips that generate friction.

Gel Heel Strips


There are three types of gel heel pads to protect your heels throughout the day by absorbing the shocks of everyday life:

- Gel Heel Cups

Gel Heel Cups

- Gel Heel Pads

Gel Heel Pads

- Gel Bone Spur Pads

Gel Bone Spur Pads


In addition to heel guards, our R&D team created Foam Met Pads, these foam pads that slip into your shoes, to offer optimal comfort to that often forgotten area that is the front of the foot.

Foam Met Pads


As we are aware that the foot is the main tool of sportsmen and women, we have designed foot care kits for anyone whose enjoyment or performance is sometimes thwarted by foot pain.

Here are our two foot care kits:

- The Footcare Kit, a kit to prevent blisters, chafing, aches and pains and black nails that contains: toe guards, blister guards, chafing cream and recovery gel.

Footcare Kit

- The UTMB survival kit, lightweight and compact, containing the necessary essentials required by the legendary race as part of the mandatory equipment.


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