Trail Double: double-layer, blister-protection trail socks

You will find Sidas on the famous Chamonix trails every year. We also go along with our elite athletes to the world's biggest competitions throughout the season. As a result of monitoring their progress, we have come to a clear conclusion: just like nutrition, foot comfort has become a major factor if you want to perform well and enjoy yourself. Far too many times, we have heard runners tell us that they have suffered or even given up during their trail or ultra-trail because of blisters. To avoid this, we invested our 50 years of expertise in foot comfort in developing a blister-protection trail sock.

And so, the 'Trail Double' sock was born, a little gem of innovation endorsed and acclaimed by our champions. The idea? A double-layer trail running sock that allows friction to occur between the two layers of the sock rather than between the skin and the sock.

Look no further if you want to cross the finish line without thinking about your feet. Discover the socks that will help you say goodbye to blisters, chafing and other overheating problems!

"Foot comfort, just like nutrition, has become a major factor in terms of performance and pleasure."

Trail Double


Let's shed some light on blisters! And to do so, we feel that first, it's important to identify the cause in a discipline like trail running, where your feet are likely to get particularly hot due to the long distances covered and the variety of movements required on paths that are often technically challenging.

The origins of blisters include:

1/ Moisture because moisture can be your feet's worst enemy. This can be caused by perspiration and/or outdoor conditions (rain, snow, morning dew).

2/ Chafing. Blisters can be caused by a crease or wrinkle in a sock, a poor seam in a shoe or a repetitive movement performed over a long time at a certain intensity.

It's important to remember that we're all different when it comes to problems with blisters. Indeed, some people are born with more fragile skin than others. In addition, the most seasoned runners develop protective mechanisms that make their feet more robust with experience and miles: the famous "horn".

A blister is often considered to be a minor, superficial ailment. However, you need to take it seriously as it can degenerate into abandoning a trail or even lead to infection - because raw skin can open the door to all kinds of bacteria - or injury - because to limit friction, you adapt your stride and 'compensate' by moving away from your natural running pattern, with damaging effects on your ankles, knees, and hips.

"A blister is often considered to be a minor, superficial pain. It is important to take it seriously, however, as it can degenerate into abandoning a trail or even lead to infection."


Here's a comprehensive list of tips to apply before a race or long outing to limit the risk of blisters:
- Have a pedicure three weeks before to remove dead skin.
- Employ a tanning protocol, alternating lemon juice and moisturiser on your feet for two weeks before the big day.
- Nothing new! One golden rule: you need to know and understand your equipment!
- Generously apply some anti-friction cream to your feet before you put on your running socks.
- Carefully avoid folds or wrinkles in the sock when you put on the shoe. It may seem simple advice, but it could save your ultra-trail!
- Take great care with your lacing.

Finally, one last piece of advice, and not the least in the sense that it is certainly the most important: choose the right trail sock!

Trail Double Black/Turquoise

Trail Double Socks


A good trail sock is:

- ... a Technical sock specifically designed for this unique discipline, where the kilometres soon mount up, and often on steep, technically challenging terrain. So no! Your tennis, football, or other cotton socks will not do. Leave them in the drawer!

- ... Fine and breathable. As mentioned previously, moisture is your foot's worst enemy. So your sock must handle the evacuation of moisture generated by your perspiration or the external conditions extremely efficiently.

- ... Anti-slip. This is one of the distinguishing features of our trail socks, which has been acclaimed by our champions and is now imitated by our competitors: an anti-slip grip strip designed to reduce the micro-movements of your sock in your shoe, thereby limiting the friction that causes blisters.

"Your sock must handle the evacuation of moisture generated by your perspiration or the external conditions extremely efficiently."


After several years of collaboration with our champions Jonathan Albon, Thibaut Baronian and our Team Sidas-Matryx athletes, we are proud to present the 'Trail Double' sock. We believe this sock is a "game changer" in trail country because of the number of races it's preparing to save by protecting you from the risk of blisters.

What's the principle? A sock with two layers. So why does this technology prevent blisters? Because friction occurs between the two layers of the sock rather than between the sock and the skin of your foot. In other words, the double-layer technology absorbs the micro-movements that cause overheating after several hours of running. As a result, you can enjoy unparalleled comfort and keep blisters at bay.

This double-layer innovation isn't the only reason why the 'Double Trail' sock is a massive blister deterrent. Here are the other features that make the 'Double Trail' the right sock for you:

- In & Out construction, i.e. no cut threads and therefore no ill-placed seams that can cause unpleasant chafing.

- A non-slip grip strip to prevent micromovements of the sock in the shoe and thus limit the microfriction that causes blisters.

- Integrated reinforcements and protection zones in strategic areas such as the ankles, toe box and heel.

- A support band at the ankle for a secure and stable fit.

- Ventilated and breathable mesh positioned under the arch of the foot to keep your feet cool and protected from moisture.

-Fibres produced using Polygiene Stayfresh technology for long-lasting freshness and improved odour management.

- A reflective strip for increased visibility on your runs in town or during long nights spent outside on ultra-trail.

The 'TRAIL DOUBLE' sock is available for men and women in a unisex model that you can find here:

Trail Double Black/Turquoise

Trail Double Socks

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