Max Protect Activ' Slim

Multisports insoles

Multi-sport insoles for a more dynamic and comfortable high-intensity sport experience. Designed to cushion impact, Podiane®I+ technology absorbs 90% of shock energy and protects your joints. Ideal for activities like tennis and high-impact sports.

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Product benefits

Superior shock-absorbing insoles for high-intensity sports. The Max Protect Activ' Slim insoles and Podiane®I+ technology absorb 90% of shock energy and protect your joints. The propelling inserts in the forefoot make your gait more dynamic. The underfoot shell holds your foot inside your shoe and stops you twisting your ankle. The Slim version is perfect for low-volume shoes.

These are the ideal insoles for sports like tennis, running and handball.


  1. Podiane®I+: Superior shock absorption
  2. Dynamic insert: Improves your gait and stabilises the foot
  3. TPU FLEX shell: Supports and stabilises the foot
  4. Mesh overlay: Breathability and comfort
  5. Gel pad: Heel cushioning and comfort


Dimensions semelle Move Activ' slim




  • Cut out the sole before use
  • Remove the insole and replace it with the new one.
  • Washing with soap and brush only
  • Do not dry on a radiator, for a better drying use our shoe dryers.

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