3D Trail +

Sidas X Salomon Trail Running Team Collaboration

The Trail + SIDAS x Team Salomon insole is innovatively designed to meet the demands of ultra-distance. Co-developed by Team Salomon trail running athletes and foot comfort specialists SIDAS, this collaboration has been meticulously designed to offer the perfect balance of non-slip surface, long-lasting comfort, lightness and durability.

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Product benefits

Trail + insoles: comfort, lightness and durability

The Trail + insole has a non-slip surface that keeps the feet in place, providing better precision, better stability and better support. This is achieved through a combination of high quality foams, an ultra-thin sandwich construction and a lightly adhesive material on both the foot contact area and the shoe contact area.

In addition, the Trail + insole offers enhanced comfort thanks to a pre-shaped and flexible structure combined with friction-reducing materials used on the surface in contact with the foot. This combination ensures a friction-free and enjoyable run.

Finally, this trail running insole is also characterised by its lightness and durability. It is made up of a combination of high quality foams that are both ultra-thin and light yet extremely durable.


  1. Comfort underfoot and durability

  2. Forefoot propulsion

  3. Promotes the natural motion of the foot

  4. Shock absorbing and ultra comfortable

  5. Non-slip



Dimensions 3D Trail+


  • Trim the insole to size before use
  • Remove the old insole and replace it with the new one
  • Wash with soap and brush only
  • Do not dry on a radiator, for best results use our shoe dryers

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