The invisible essentials

Each of us harbours within ourselves an ambitious goal that guides our existence. We are dreamers, persisting in our quest for experiences that will make us feel alive.

A wave of freedom, release and peak performance

We want to explore nature, find new points of view, get off the beaten path and run until our legs burn. To stay in shape? To get fresh air? To let off steam? Yes, but more than that. To love running is to also love physical effort, freedom, self-reflection, competition, communing with nature and with people.

At the start of a session, we feel light, powerful and drunk with speed. Then there is the comforting sensation of breathing easily, the happiness of knowing there is more terrain underfoot. These heightened feelings chase away stress and push out all thoughts. It is a respite for the mind and an escape from our daily routine. We achieve a sense of clarity. We daydream.

To focus on the delirious sensation of running, our feet are our closest allies. Their comfort and stability -- though invisible -- are essential to our overall well-being. They enable us to enjoy the present moment.

Take control of your sensations

In running, every stride counts. As the interface between the ground and the rest of our body, our feet are really sensors. With their 7,000 nerve endings, they link directly to our brain to convey information about shock absorption, balance, stability and propulsion to the rest of our body.

At SIDAS, we believe that communication between the foot and the ground is essential to running pleasure and performance. Our SENSE line enables quick, light runners to achieve total synergy between foot and shoe. This means the runner can maximize their running sensations and feel the energy in every foot strike.

Running with SENSE means fully enjoying the experience of running and focusing on your passion.


3D Sense

Treat yourself to a new level of comfort

To continue to enjoy running, the quality of your foot strike is essential. With adequate protection, your feet are more stable, and the more stable your feet, the more you reduce fatigue. Whether you are just taking up running or have been running all your life, comfort is no longer optional.

At SIDAS, we believe that protecting your feet is the key to comfortable, safe running. Our PROTECT range allows runners to ward off injuries without sacrificing the feeling or energy of their foot strikes.

With PROTECT, the kilometres will fly under your feet as you optimise your running shoes.


3D Protect

The essentials are invisible

Running is part of our lives and we truly think that our products can help you run better and realise that there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Their unheralded features are invisible to the eyes, but when they are implemented, their virtues help runners focus on the essentials and make the most of their runs.

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